Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4

Stop The Stoma Stigma with Charlotte Twinley.

Tuesday 24th May 2022, 12:30pm (interview is 15mins into the show)

Daily Star

Woman hits back at trolls who say she’ll ‘never find a date’ due to stoma bag


Influencer Shares Photos of Herself Walking Runway Show With Her Ostomy Bag on Full Display

Love What Matters

‘It’s ironic how a bag of poo attached to my stomach could change my whole perspective on life.’: Chronic illness warrior overcomes anorexia, advocates for disabilities, ‘I’m finally comfortable in my skin’

Glamour Magazine

What living with a stoma really looks like: The empowering women who use their well-followed IGs for anything but sympathy

The Beautiful Bag Podcast

Empowering others while in an ostomy with guest Charlotte Amy Louise

Discuss Podcast

Discussing Stomas, Disability Activism, Eating Disorders and Body Acceptance with Charlotte Amy Louise!

Vieness: Phemonenal Women!

Speaking at this event for International Women’s Day 2020


You Don’t Look Sick: ‘My doctor told me to get over my chronic illness’

National Diversity Awards

Arundel resident Charlotte Twinley nominated for a National Diversity Award

Daily Star

Women celebrate scars, burns and ‘imperfections’ with body positive shoot

Amber Magazine

Glitter With A Difference

Glamour Paris

Time To Stop Hiding Ostomy Bags, Starting With Instagram


Girl With An Unusual “Bag On Her Stomach” Learned To Love Herself And Inspire Others By Her Example


Protesters Strip To Underwear Outside Victoria’s Secret In London


These Women Posed ‘Nude’ In The Middle Of London To Make A Point About Victoria’s Secret

Truly (Previously Barcroft TV)

“I’m Finally Proud Of My Ostomy Bag”