My Video with Barcroft TV!

So I’ve got some very exciting news, in that a company (Barcroft TV) have asked me to do a short video about my ostomy bag and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I’m so pleased with it and I really hope that it’s going to help others who may see it.

It seems so strange talking about now, as I used to hide my condition away as it was ’embarrassing’ but the stigma has to be broken some time!

I hope you all enjoy the video 🙂

Charlotte x

One thought on “My Video with Barcroft TV!

  1. Brilliant talk Charlotte! Open, honest, clear and confident…what a role model for others!
    Your Mum’s great too, how come I grow old and she doesn’t?😂
    So pleased for you that you were contacted to help and tell your brave story and wishing you all good feedback and hopes for future opportunities.
    Love to your Dad too, he was a great inspiration for me and I now do chaplaincy volunteering in Cambridge hospital, things never stop evolving, best of luck to you.


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