“It’s Our Time To Shine!”

If you don’t already know, Love Disfigure is an amazing support group, set up by Sylvia Mac, a child burn survivor. Love Disfigure supports all those who have visible differences, whether it’s scars, burns, amputations, health conditions, skin conditions or anything else you can think of. She puts together so many different collaborations such as this one, with Go Get Glitter!


We have been featured in both Daily Star AND in Take A Break magazine – it’s so weird to see myself in a magazine, I have to admit!


In Take A Break’s article, there’s a little introduction to Sylvia and Love Disfigure, as well as a small quote from each of us who took part. Check them out below and have a look at how beautiful the girls are!


Charlotte Twinley, 21, stoma bag (me):

 “Taking part in this photoshoot was so empowering, especially seeing so many women who, like me, are so happy in their own skin.”


Liberty James, 17, burn scars:

“It was nerve-wracking at first, but we all had such a lovely time together.”


Tara Hubbock, 19, burn scars:

“The glitter was a great ice-breaker. Doing something like this, which is so out-there, is the perfect message for anybody with body confidence issues – you can do it too.”


Nichola McAvoy, 26, alopecia:

“I hid my alopecia behind a wig for so long. The message behind this glitter photoshoot was perfect – don’t hide your differences, celebrate them!”


Becky Dann, 24, kyphoscoliosis (severe curvature of the spine):

“I was nervous, but I love glitter. We shouldn’t be judged for our appearance, and this shows that.”


Mary Russell, 50, dwarfism:

“I love people who make me laugh, and this photoshoot with these amazing women made me feel so much better. We shared our stories, and just being together covered in all that lovely glitter was such a positive boost. As Sylvia says, we’re not running from the spotlight. We’re saying: “Look at me!”‘

It really goes to show that no matter what you look like, no matter if you’re different in some way, no matter what people may think about you; You are worthy. You are enough. You are awesome. Don’t change yourself to please others as there’s no ‘right way’ to look! Everyone is different in their own way and we shouldn’t apologise for that.

Charlotte x

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